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Frequently Asked Questions about NES

What is the Human Body-Field?

Frontier science is proving that there is a regulating field of energy that operates below cell level–at the quantum level.  This regulating field of energy, we refer to as the human body-field.  It is the master control system for the physical body, regulating all the information our DNA, cells, tissues, and organs need to work correctly.  The human body-field is made up of pathways along which information flows to the more than 50 trillion cells in the body.  The root causes of physical problems are distortions and blockages in the body-field caused by: stress, toxins, electromagnetic influences, emotional issues, environmental influences, microorganisms, and allergens.

Why Should I Have a NES Scan?

To restore and maintian the fullest expression of health, you must care for both your physical body and your energetic body-field.  You can take pharmaceuticals, supplements, herbs, and other treatments to affect your biochemistry, but if you don’t correct the root causes of biochemical imbalances–the underlying energetic and informational breakdown–then you may not experience lasting health.  Lab tests can analyze your biochemistry, but only a NES scan can provide an accurate and comprehensive analysis of the state of your body-field.

What Are the NES Infoceuticals?

They are micro-minerals in purified water that have been “imprinted” with information to restore your body-field to optimal functioning.  A healthy body knows how to take care of itself and to defend against threats–such as viruses and toxins–to maintain its health and vitality.  That ability deteriorates when the information the body needs is distorted or blocked.  The NES Infoceuticals provide the corrective information to restore the body’s own self-healing intelligence.

Why Do NES Scans Change?

NES research has shown that during its return to wellness, your body follows a preferred sequence, or order, of healing.  Your NES scan will indicate the sequence that will work best for you, according to the state of your unique body-field at that time.  As you use the Infoceuticals and get rescanned, the subsequent scans will reflect the changes in your body-field because it is always shifting slightly.  It is dynamic, recording layer after layer of information about everything that has happened to you and to which you are exposed.  Each scan probes into deeper layers to reveal what you body is asking for help with.

How Long Will I Need to Use NES?

While you can use NES to find relief from acute symptoms, ideally it is used as a preventive measure, correcting imbalances as they come up so that you stay healthy and vital over the long term.

NES Health products do not claim to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat disease.  If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult the appropriate healthcare professional.  NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization.




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